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About the academy


Our academy started when we realized the lack of experts in the area given the market demand. This is the best place to learn about the whole big data eco system and to get started as data engineers. It’s never too late to start learning. We have put together all the needed information to help you get started in your dream career.

From data engineers to you


These days everybody wants to be a Data Scientist. But what about Data Engineering? In its core, it is a mix between a data analyst and a data scientist. A Data Engineer is typically in charge of managing data workflows, pipelines, and ETL processes. Come and learn from the best!


Week 1


Week 3

Accepted students are announced

Week 4

Academy Starts

Week 12


Week 14

Graduation ceremony

Week 16

Client onboarding

Big Data & Data Engineering Introduction

BiLD Academy is an intensive programme in Big Data. To create a common floor since the beginning our course includes an introductory phase where the trainee gets the chance to know and understand Big Data’s fundamentals, technologies and its impact.

Azure Data Warehouse

Azure is a truly game-changer in Data processing and Analytics, it is a technology that has been implemented in many different companies and sectors.
Within our Academy you will have the chance to learn:

Azure SQL Data warehouse;
Azure Synapse Analytics Service;
Cloud Data Warehouse;
Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse basics.

Analysis Service

In this programme, you will learn the main resources for getting started and work with Analysis Services to create your first cubes. Moreover, trainees will learn how to integrate this tool with many others and potentialize analytics to the maximum. Trainee will have the chance to learn:

Assembling Cubes in Analysis Services;
Create permission roles in Analysis Services;
Create Dimensions;
Create hierarchies;
Analyse dimension structure;
Integrate Analysis Service with visualisation tools.

Data Visualization / Power BI

Power BI is one of most used tools used in the market for Data Visualisation and gives the ability to analyse, explore data on-premise as well as in the cloud. Plus, provides the ability to collaborate and share customized dashboards and interactive reports across colleagues and organizations, easily and securely.
Within our Academy you will learn:

Advantages of using Power BI;
PowerBI Desktop;
Transforming Data;
Report Creation;
Building a Dashboard;
Power BI’s integration with R & Python;
Saving and Publishing.

Python Programming Essentials

Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language with an important relevance in the analytics field. To ensure a solid development and growth of all trainees BiLD Academy will provide the necessary background to feel comfortable in using this language. In the Academy you will learn:

Learn advanced Python features, like the collections module and how to work with timestamps;
Learn to use Object Oriented Programming with classes;
Understand complex topics, like decorators;
Understand how to use and create .py files;
Build a complete understanding of Python from the ground up.


Databricks has been positioning itself as one of the reference technologies in the Big Data area, bringing new features for interaction, storage and data management.
Reference companies have been integrated Databricks as a crucial tool for their activities, thus consolidating their market position and positioning themselves a step ahead in relation to many of their competitors.
In our Big Data Academy, you will have the chance to:

Databricks Fundamentals;
Data Ingestion;
Data Cleaning;
Build a pipeline;
Unify data and different sources;
Big Data Systems Architecture.

Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory is Azure’s cloud ETL service for scale-out serverless data integration and data transformation. It offers a code-free UI for intuitive authoring and single-pane-of-glass monitoring and management. You can also lift and shift existing SSIS packages to Azure and run them with full compatibility in ADF. Within our Academy you will not only have the chance know ADF fundamentals, plus:

Learn Azure Data Factory fundamentals;
Data integration in cloud service;
Create hierarchies;
Analyse dimension structure;
Integrate Analysis Service with visualisation tools;
Compose data storage and movement;
Processing services into automated data pipelines.

Capstone Project

On the 8th week, the trainees will have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge previously acquired by implementing a capstone project based on a company or study case.

Client Onboarding

After this learning journey the client onboarding process will start. Every trainee is integrated in a project with high relevance for their development, growth and learning process. From this step on the sky is the limit!



I chose to join the academy because I felt that at BILD I would find the work environment that I have always dreamed of, combined with the opportunity to learn about the world of data. At the academy, I met very humble and intelligent people and I felt that I truly belonged to a team that supported each other! It was a really stimulating experience that assured me that I made the right decision!

Mónica Sá


BiLD Big Data Academy gave me the opportunity to know more about data and how can we manage it to produce a better decision. It also put some ultimate tools in my workday that I’ve never used before, which provided me the chance to learn new technical skills and methods. I’m thankful and glad to joined this BiLD’s experience because it represents a new era in my career and also a new opportunity to learn and grow. Thank you all for this amazing project.

Pedro Monteiro


BiLD Big Data Academy brought me everything I was looking for at this early point in my career, an opportunity to learn and grow, integrating a young and forward-thinking team, with a very strong base of interpersonal relationships and friendship of the entire group. The academy and the subsequent integration in BiLD’s team was excellent and I can only be grateful for the trust placed in each one of us and all the support that was given to us.

Diogo Neves


The opportunity to join BiLD Analytics was a challenging surprise. As an Industrial Engineer, working with data is not the most trivial path. The Academy was the chance to be taught by highly skilled professionals and discover a new universe, where I could integrate my analytical reasoning with tools capable of optimizing several processes. With an incredible team, I can say that my professional and personal development in the space of two months was the best experienced to date.

Amanda Anjos