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We are a Portuguese company specialized in the analytics field and this is what we love to do.

We were created as part of the spinoff program from NOVA IMS and since that moment we never stopped chasing our goals. Right now, we have offices in two cities, and we work with global known companies in 4 countries. By merging cut edge technologies with our know how we are making businesses increase their performance day after day.

We are solutions-oriented, no matter the challenge or obstacle we will make it happen.

Driven by goals we work professionally to reach meaningful results to which we identify ourselves with.

Focus on the client, anticipate its needs and go further than what was expected it is what makes us customer centric.



Using IoT technologies we allow non-internet-enabled devices to communicate and interact between them.


Ingest and Process of large volumes and complex data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. Big data allows the access and storage of large amounts of information, that is no longer possible with traditional mehods.


Technical approach to solve complex business-related problems using data-driven models – and the curiosity to explore patterns in data to spot trends that can help a business bottom line.


As responsible and instructor at BiLD Big Data Academy I have the chance to share my knowledge with other aspiring data engineers – and I couldn’t be more thrilled to do it with BiLD, where everyone’s wellbeing and development are the priority!
Tiago Claro Pessoa

Academy Lead, BiLD Analytics

Working for BiLD has been the adventure I was looking for in my career. In this past year I’ve learned so much about the business and I’ve seen the company grow at an exponential rate!
Developing myself and my skills has been very easy, because my coworkers and managers are always very supportive and are always available to guide and help me through my path in BiLD.
Miguel Lopes

Business Manager, BiLD Analytics

BiLD Academy

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BiLD Big Data Academy gave me the opportunity to know more about data and how can we manage it to produce a better decision. It also put some ultimate tools in my workday that I’ve never used before, which provided me the chance to learn new technical skills and methods. I’m thankful and glad to joined this BiLD’s experience because it represents a new era in my career and also a new opportunity to learn and grow. Thank you all for this amazing project.

Pedro Monteiro


Where We Are Placeholder
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António Leite

Data Engineer

Amanda dos Anjos

Amanda dos Anjos

Data Engineer

Daniel Castro

Daniel Castro

Data Engineer

Diogo Dias

Diogo Dias


Diogo Neves

Diogo Neves

Data Engineer

Diogo Carriço

Diogo Carriço

International Business Developer


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